A venture inspired by God to send the Word in local languages to homes.  Tune in to LIVING WORD channel on Siti Cable in Kochi, and listen to inspiring spiritual messages from the following

:: Jos Anathanam, Covenant People Ministries
:: K.M.Jose of Jesus Family Community, Cochin
:: Ps. Clark Taylor of Worship Centre, Australia
:: Ps. P.R.Baby of Faith City, Sholam ministries
:: Bro. Damien of Master Ministries, Kochi
:: Ps. Ashish Thomas of Dubai City Church

There will be cartoons for children, stories from the bible, testimonies, Bible courses, Discussions, Praise and Worship Songs, Crusade tapes etc.

This channel for full gospel ministries began broadcasting
from 1st April 2004. Its run as a non-profit venture for the
Jesus Family Community Prayer Group, Cochin - Fellowship Mondays in English and Tuesdays in Malayalam at 5-30pm in the YMCA Hall, Chittoor Rd., Ernakulam, Cochin.
Ph: 484-2391770    email prince@livingwordtv.com

*Rs.300 is for Kochi alone.