We get many call-ins for prayer support and also a woman who called in and said that she found it convenient to be able to listen to messages, whenever she wanted

But the best was from the Cable operator himself, a Hindu, who confessed that he was considering closing down operations when we approached him to begin this channel, due to a) A crippling militant labour strike b) Which included a criminal case whereby half the equipment ended up in police custody resulting in reduced service c) Financial problems due to debtors holding off payment expecting them to close down d) loss of connections to competing networks due to strike, and loss of equipment.
He told me recently that he believed that it was only because they were carrying this channel for us that they recently settled the labour strike to their advantage, recovered the equipment from the police, began to receive payments, and began to get new connections. He has pursuaded two other networks to include our programs so that they will be blessed as well. Hallaluia! See how God has made this channel a blessing, not only for the viewers, but the cable operator himself!

Personally, we have had to advance badly needed funds for this channel, which is in the red financially, but have only received blessings upon blessings in return, in my personal life, in my professional life and in my spiritual life.- Prince