1. This channel is exclusively for full gospel ministries.

  2.  There shall be no solicitation of money or members through the programs aired on this channel

  3. Messages shall not contain any conflicting or cult beliefs.

  4. If the management is not satisfied with the nature of the message in the light of biblical teaching, it has the full right to deny broadcasting facilities to such programs. Our own panel of Full Gospel preachers will be the final arbiter on this matter.

  5. All material in the nature of VCDs, DVDs, films etc. given for airing the programs will normally be returned. But we shall not be responsible for the loss or damage to such material. You need to send only copies and not the original.

  6. Since this channel is provided by third party vendors, we shall not be responsible for the suspension, delay or problems of telecasts. We can only be responsible to return the payment made.

  7. All program schedules need to be informed at least seven days in advance along with the program to be telecast. If we are not given the programs in time we will be forced to broadcast the ones already broadcast for you. and if they are insufficient in number, we shall broadcast stock public programs that we have, such as Music or general purpose messages from famous preachers. This will be charged against your account for the duration of the period agreed upon.

  8. Where we provide camera crew for shooting and facilities for editing, this is in the nature of facilitation and not professional facilities. There will be limitations to the professional quality of such help given. If you require professional work you should contact us for names addresses of local studios. The fees for such facilities will be in addition to the fees for broadcasting.

  9. You will need to give us programs on DVDs as far as possible and be responsible for the quality of the program. If the program quality is very poor we shall not telecast the program and will repeat the last episode or fall back to the provision in number seven above.

KOCHI  Rs.500 per 30-minute episode for Kochi.